The name Commezzadura should come from the union of the Latin words "colis" and "medicatura" (i.e. sharecroppers land) but, according to popular tradition, the name “Commezzadura” would indicate the country's position in the central part of the valley, as it happens for the neighbor town Mezzana, located 3 km.far. It’s divided in three little areas: Almazzago, Mestriago and Daolasa.

Almazzago and the nearby village of Daolasa are located on the southern side of the town, on the left bank of Noce River, at the foot of Mount Spolverino (2,079 meters); about one kilometer far from Almazzago and Daolasa, on the northern side, Mestriago is definitely the most important village of the whole area with the town-hall, the main shops and facilities.

Our apartments are located a few hundred meters far from the Daolasa gondola (which takes its name from the village where it is set): this gondola leads to the Skiarea Folgarida-Marilleva-Campiglio and its departure is built less than 30 meters from the train station of the "Dolomiti Express" that allows all skiers to reach easily the ski slopes. Commezzadura offers two further train stations, in addition to the aforementioned: Piano and Mastellina, connecting Val di Sole to the city Trento, passing through Val di Non. Commezzadura completes tourist center destination thanks to the presence of appropriate cross-country ski trails.

All this area is surrounded by vast evergreen and larch woods, a fundamental resource to maintain the pure air and a natural environment healthy and uncontaminated. Commezzadura is also known to mountain bikers for hosting the MTB World Cup in recent years. Thanks to the bikepark with its mountain bike tracks, downhill and the cable car Daolasa, open for the whole summer season, it offers the opportunity to try and, why not, be alwasy mor more into these new and exciting sports activities! To make your travels as easy as possible, the municipality of Commezzadura has two other railway stations Mastellina and Piano that connect the Val di Sole to the city of Trento, passing through the Val di Non.